Our Story

A Hounds-man Turned Business-man

Hey there! My name is Charles Prather and to say that I started Plum Creek Kennel Supply on a wing and a prayer would be a major understatement!

My story started more than 20 years ago when an old preacher friend from North Carolina generously gave me my first AKC beagle, Scooby. It was pure joy listening to the hounds hot on the scent trail that morning. I was instantly hooked!

Today, whether we’re running snow shoe hare in the Michigan UP or Jackman, Maine, or treeing coon here in Ohio, I love hunting dogs and I usually keep 3 - 4 beagles and occasionally a coon hound. And after the hunt, who could resist fresh rabbit pan-fried crispy brown with homemade biscuits!

So you see I was a hounds-man before I was a business-man. But what caused me to start Plum Creek Kennel Supply was actually a fairly rough patch in my family history.

Things started going sideways when my boy was diagnosed with a chronic disease and my wife had to quit her job to stay home and care for him. We hit our knees and prayed for his healing, but I also had to find a way to make an extra income. God answered miraculously! Not only did He completely heal my son, but He helped me launch what we’re now striving to make the best kennel supply outfitter in the country.

At Plum Creek Kennel Supply, we pride ourselves offering only quality products at a fair prices and exceptional service. Most of our products are shipped the same day. I personally use the products we sell and if I didn't use them, I sure wouldn't expect you to buy them! This also enables me to give knowledgeable advice on how to best use our products.

It would do me a great favor if you'd come on by our store in Kent, Ohio. Or give us a holler sometime and we’ll trade hunting stories!