SportDog Replacement Antenna (SD-800, 1225, 1825, 1825CAMO, 3225)

  • $24.95

Replacement transmitter for the HoundHunter® 3225. The SD-3225 system is fully customizable, allowing you the flexibility to set 2 or more transmitters to control the same collar receiver. Compatible with: FieldTrainer® 425 (SD-425) FieldTrainer® 425S (SD-425S) WetlandHunter® 425 (SD-425CAMO) SportHunter® 825 (SD-825) SportHunter® 1225 (SD-1225) SportHunter® 1825 (SD-1825) WetlandHunter® 1825 (SD-1825CAMO) ProHunter® 2525 (SD-2525) HoundHunter® 3225 (SD-3225)

RANGE Up to 2 miles
ADD-A-DOG® Expandable up to 6 dogs
TONE/VIBRATION OPTIONS Tone and vibration options
WATERPROOF DRYTEK waterproof and submersible to 25 feet
BATTERY TYPE Rechargeable