Replacement 3/4 " Collar Strap

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Replacement 3/4 inch collar straps for most SportDOG Brand® training e-collars. Perfect for replacing old collar straps or differentiating each dog's collar. Simply remove the Collar Receiver from your dog's current collar and place it on the new strap.

Compatible with these systems:FieldTrainer® 400, 400S (SD-400, SD-400S) SportHunter® 800, 1225, 1825 (SD-800, SD-1225, SD-1825) UplandHunter® 1875 (SD-1875) ProHunter® 2525 (SD-2525) HoundHunter® 3225 (SD-3225) UplandHunter Accessory Beeper (SD-BEEP)

Compatible with these Add-A-Dog® Collar Receivers: SDR-A SDR-AB SDR-AH SDR-FS SDR-FH SDR-FC

WATERPROOF Waterproof and rustproof
LENGTH 28 inches long
WIDTH 3/4 inch
  • 44 tightly spaced holes to ensure correct fit
  • Metal rollerbuckle for easy fastening on your dog
  • Metal D-ring for quick leash attachment
  • Metal strap keeper for safety
  • Available in 8 colors: green, black, orange, blue, red, yellow, white, and grey